Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What To Wear (Winter Wardrobe Edition!)

Toe curling bitterness is in store for this upcoming winter. But I've picked out some fashionable peices that will keep your body in warmth and style.

This Thomas Wilde leather jacket has big buttons! One of my favorite trends for 07-08! Price is going up and down depending on where you find it! In the thousands though.

Derek Lam! White is pretty cliche for the winter but the off white shade of this gorgeous dress isn't cliche at all! ON SALE: $1,734

This big buttoned Micheal Kors shapeless dress channels the drearyness of slush in the most romantic beautiful way! ON SALE: $1,437

Animal print! It's either a hit or miss, but in this case it's a hit! F21 Kat Cardigan, $22.80

Chunky knits are so comfortable and chic, this F21 long cardigan is perfect for tights. $29.80

Charcoal knit gloves scream cute to me! Portolano, $32

Purple is an unexpected color, especially this bright vintage looking cashmere scarf. Kashmere, $55

Green and pink is kind of overused but in this sweet Juicy Couture scarf in looks cute and so winter like. $90

Helen Walsh. Hounds Tooth. Cap. $39. Enough said.

Just Call Me Sexy. That's what these BCBGirls boots are speaking to me. $89


What's your favorite?


WendyB said...

The boots!

Emma said...

Definately the hounds tooth cap - I've always loved the print!

Fabi said...

I would seriously wear the derek lam coat, even if I died of dehydration down is precious.

penelope said...

ooh i love the michael kors coat!! it's gorgeous!!!

Vintage Bunny said...

The boots,
I am working on a poem,will post it soon

Casey said...

I am digging the Micheal Kors coat with short sleeves and long gloves.