Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celebrity Look For Less PS&R Style

Despite what others say- I looooooove the Olsen twins. They're effortlessly chic, and their casualness inspires me. But when they go to gala events they turn spunky, and original.

Here are there outfits:

For Ashley's Look:

Quilted clutch- This Forever21 one is on sale for $7.80..... Just stuff it with lipstick, cell phone, credit card, and some oil blotting tissues and it'll be as fat as Ash's!

These jeans really aren't cheap but they're so cute and pretty close to what Ash has on. They zip up at the sides, they're Joe Jeans and $158.40.....

This blue plaid shrug is by Coco & Chase and about $38.00.

Any black tank top and shoes will do.

For MK's look:

This midnight sky hued chiffon dress is a Brillian Buy Forever 21 item, $10.80.

The rest is reportedly vintage- So you can probably find some similar stuff. I've tried to find pictures but can't.

Like the looks?



WendyB said...

I'm with you. I think they have great style.

Vintage Bunny said...

They do look very chic though I wish they would comb their hair once in a while !!

Emma said...

Totally agree - they always look so effortlessly stylish. I love that shrug you featured.

iñaki said...

WOW, that's a really good work there! I don't usually like when people do "the same look for less", but I liked this!

iñaki said...

PS. I love the Olsens and their style. No wonder about that.