Saturday, November 24, 2007

For The Opinionated- Leave Your Feedback!

I just got back from the mall. Came out with five shopping bags- Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Forever21, and Nordstroms.

When I got home I was really glad that I had gotten such awesome deals at Victoria's Secret, despite the stupid salesgirl who tried to rip me off.

I'd gotten the set of six Beauty Rush lip glosses for $15, the salesgirl tried to encourage me that the five seperate ones for $20 was a better deal because I got to pick my colors.

When I got home I eagerly took apart the packaging and tried on a couple of flavors. They are delicious! Not that I intentionally ate it!

I also got the lip plumper in Bare. Original price is $18 but I got it for $10! It works incredibly fast, I tried it on once in the mall and I'm wearing the tingly sensation right now! I can't find the picture on line, but it's in a silver bottle and in pink and black packaging.

Give me your opinions on these products or other VS beauty products, is the eye shadow good? Does the fruity perfumes smell great?

P.S. Remind me to take pictures of the vintage Gucci glasses my mom just handed over to me! I'm so exicted =) I love vintage finds when they're from my mom!



Eli said...

mmmmmmmm.......I had one, but I lost it. But it was so yummy, I actually did eat it, I didnt care.

VS always makes me mad because theyll have crap all over the store, things in bins that say 75% off! You get to the checkout, and theyre always like "oh, those arent that much off"

Maybe this just happens to me.

Vintage Bunny said...

Yeah,I'm with Eli.They are always trying to rip you off.I gave up on them awhile back.For tingly,plumped up lips :mix cinnamon with water and apply to lips.Thye are a natural puff lip look !(Hubby said he would punch me for free)
When I was shopping last week,I had a snotty sales person who refused to acknowledge me and was acting like she had better things to do than wait on me.Pissed me off big time till I realised that she had charged me $9.99 for $60.00 running shoes.The store is 2 hours away from me so I am not going to be able to let any good thought sneak into my head-like returning them etc.The way i see it-a blessing in disguise