Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What To Wear (Winter Wardrobe Edition!)

Toe curling bitterness is in store for this upcoming winter. But I've picked out some fashionable peices that will keep your body in warmth and style.

This Thomas Wilde leather jacket has big buttons! One of my favorite trends for 07-08! Price is going up and down depending on where you find it! In the thousands though.

Derek Lam! White is pretty cliche for the winter but the off white shade of this gorgeous dress isn't cliche at all! ON SALE: $1,734

This big buttoned Micheal Kors shapeless dress channels the drearyness of slush in the most romantic beautiful way! ON SALE: $1,437

Animal print! It's either a hit or miss, but in this case it's a hit! F21 Kat Cardigan, $22.80

Chunky knits are so comfortable and chic, this F21 long cardigan is perfect for tights. $29.80

Charcoal knit gloves scream cute to me! Portolano, $32

Purple is an unexpected color, especially this bright vintage looking cashmere scarf. Kashmere, $55

Green and pink is kind of overused but in this sweet Juicy Couture scarf in looks cute and so winter like. $90

Helen Walsh. Hounds Tooth. Cap. $39. Enough said.

Just Call Me Sexy. That's what these BCBGirls boots are speaking to me. $89


What's your favorite?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Money Crunch TIme ((Vol. 2))

Again I will pick out an outfit from a website. I'm thinking- !

Since it's starting to get cold, I'll pick an everyday winter outfit that will be comfortable and trendy.

This Steve Madden, $136.99, wool coat is perfect for an early morning run to Starbucks. Take that lounge wear! (Plus it's belt is quite key to hiding that extra winter buldge- I'm not accusing!!!! =))

This Sisters cowl neck sweater will bring out your long neck and keep you looking composed while you're attempting to pull your son, daughter, neice, cousin, etc. on that impossible to move sled. $49.99

If you haven't already guessed I love jeans. Especially Marlow jeans (Last year I got three pairs, each marked down to about three dollars =P)! Okay so this $52.99 price isn't as good as my lucky deal, but hey it's better than the original!

Fendi! I'm a big fan of their bags. So when I came across this black beauty for $1,399.99 I was really happy. It's 36% off, which is pretty good, I'm sure you guys could do better if you were really interested!

29.99! These cute ankle booties by Karolyn by Adi, are so posh I want to order all colors now!

What's you favorite part? Or least favorite? Give me opinions people!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

For The Opinionated- Leave Your Feedback!

I just got back from the mall. Came out with five shopping bags- Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Forever21, and Nordstroms.

When I got home I was really glad that I had gotten such awesome deals at Victoria's Secret, despite the stupid salesgirl who tried to rip me off.

I'd gotten the set of six Beauty Rush lip glosses for $15, the salesgirl tried to encourage me that the five seperate ones for $20 was a better deal because I got to pick my colors.

When I got home I eagerly took apart the packaging and tried on a couple of flavors. They are delicious! Not that I intentionally ate it!

I also got the lip plumper in Bare. Original price is $18 but I got it for $10! It works incredibly fast, I tried it on once in the mall and I'm wearing the tingly sensation right now! I can't find the picture on line, but it's in a silver bottle and in pink and black packaging.

Give me your opinions on these products or other VS beauty products, is the eye shadow good? Does the fruity perfumes smell great?

P.S. Remind me to take pictures of the vintage Gucci glasses my mom just handed over to me! I'm so exicted =) I love vintage finds when they're from my mom!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Marc Jacobs Had Me At Hello

Before I start this post I would just like to say I am practically in tears because my Oprah-like list of holiday dresses is not going to be posted until a couple more days because the pictures are all saved to my other computer. And the computer won't let me click.
But I went on from this computer and licked my wounds by looking at Marc Jacobs Chanel looking purses. The quilting, chains, and monogram all look suspiciously Coco-like.

How gorgeous are these bags?

This computer won't let me upload pictures. Computers really do love me today.

Click on the link and tell me your favorite! My top three have to be these:


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Money Crunch Time! ((Volume 1))

I think I'm going to do this quite often. I'll pick a site at random and look for an outfit that I like. No matter the price or lack of. As always leave your feedback.

First oufit:

Acne Jeans dark blue slim cut (a.k.a. perfection). They're so dainty looking, the faded area in the knee/theigh area makes it a little more imperfect (as if that were possible?) $152.15

How about this Tart dark grey jersey scarf tunic. So trendy with the right amount of coverage (hence the scarf) and sexiness (hello the deep plunge?) $108

This Fendi orange and black clutch may look small and not so special. But you'll make a statement with it, especially with the other dull colors in the outfit. $736

I have this bracelet in pink. It's flexible (meaning it adjusts to what you are wearing, not that it can bend) and is quite the distraction when you're doing something boring =) It's by Viktoria Hayman and is about $36

And how high fashion are these gray Prada fade in gray pumps? For $452 they can be all yours =)

Do yall like this outfit?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yay or Nay;;

Flap Hats? Yay or Nay?

I say Yay to this cool trend, but I've been having trouble finding one that fits my huge head. Target has gotten some in, and Forever 21 has been getting cute (more traditional) ones in as well.

Flap hats are so not for little kids any more! Stay warm this winter with this F21 hat, $6.80.

Give me your opinions.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celebrity Look For Less PS&R Style

Despite what others say- I looooooove the Olsen twins. They're effortlessly chic, and their casualness inspires me. But when they go to gala events they turn spunky, and original.

Here are there outfits:

For Ashley's Look:

Quilted clutch- This Forever21 one is on sale for $7.80..... Just stuff it with lipstick, cell phone, credit card, and some oil blotting tissues and it'll be as fat as Ash's!

These jeans really aren't cheap but they're so cute and pretty close to what Ash has on. They zip up at the sides, they're Joe Jeans and $158.40.....

This blue plaid shrug is by Coco & Chase and about $38.00.

Any black tank top and shoes will do.

For MK's look:

This midnight sky hued chiffon dress is a Brillian Buy Forever 21 item, $10.80.

The rest is reportedly vintage- So you can probably find some similar stuff. I've tried to find pictures but can't.

Like the looks?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quick Give Me Your Five Favorite Fashion Trends!

1. The 'ye old days' look- Chic pearls, wool skirts, and heavy curls. How chic?
2. DuWop Lip Venom- They plump my lips in like three seconds.
3. Color changing eye shadow- From one side it's red, and in the light it's silver!
4. Heavy knits- So comfy yet so horse chic.
5. Telling me your fab five!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunglasses for The Fall Sunlight

My new obsession- Sunglasses.

Look at this Tom Ford style, The Samantha. I love the gold detailing around the rims and lenses. I also really love the criss cross style- The Whitney- but they look a little cheap, and I want my money's worth if I would get them. (It doesn't hurt that Nicole Richie was photographed wearing them.)

Or these cranberry stunners by Betsey Johson- Large Mod. I love the color- Although the glasses don't look like they could match with a lot.

And if you're loving wrap around glasses- This Dior pair is simple and gorgeous enough.

My personal favorite trend this fall- 'the old lady'. Plus if you're into the whole original one of a kind thing- the lense shape can totally pass.

And another Badgley Mischka that I could not reisist putting in! How adorable are those little bows?????

And here for some affordable ones that could pass as the quite expensive ones:

J. Lo seems to be ripping off Tom Ford with these bubble gum pink criss cross sunglasses. ($18.00)

These Jessica Simpson shades resemble the shape and design of Betsey Johnson's pair. ($15.00)

The Dior glasses aren't so unique- But after clicking around for a bit- I found these awesome leopard print no names! (&20.00)

The BM ones are original but I found a knock off at for about ($9.99). I love the cream color!

I couldn't find the pink BM pair- So if you're really in love with them you'll have to splurge. Also a reminder that the prices you find on these glasses can be a little different than the ones I posted.

Instead of making a blog about my favorite blogs I linked them at the side- If I see your blog or your comments and I like what I see, you can count on me linking you.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cute Stuffs- All Under 30 dollars =)

I love cute cheap clothes; who doesn't? I found the below for just under 30 dollars. Great for gals with a budget. Or rich girls who want to stay rich ;)


This Wet Seal ruffle shrug ($18.50), Nine West flats [on sale] ($24.99). and these fabulous skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe ($29.99).

Or this cute Forever 21 safari tunic ($24.80) would look killer with Hue opaque tights ($11) and some Forever 21 booties ($24.80) and a brigh burst of yellow with a pahmina scarf ($7.99)!

What do you think?