Monday, November 26, 2007

Money Crunch TIme ((Vol. 2))

Again I will pick out an outfit from a website. I'm thinking- !

Since it's starting to get cold, I'll pick an everyday winter outfit that will be comfortable and trendy.

This Steve Madden, $136.99, wool coat is perfect for an early morning run to Starbucks. Take that lounge wear! (Plus it's belt is quite key to hiding that extra winter buldge- I'm not accusing!!!! =))

This Sisters cowl neck sweater will bring out your long neck and keep you looking composed while you're attempting to pull your son, daughter, neice, cousin, etc. on that impossible to move sled. $49.99

If you haven't already guessed I love jeans. Especially Marlow jeans (Last year I got three pairs, each marked down to about three dollars =P)! Okay so this $52.99 price isn't as good as my lucky deal, but hey it's better than the original!

Fendi! I'm a big fan of their bags. So when I came across this black beauty for $1,399.99 I was really happy. It's 36% off, which is pretty good, I'm sure you guys could do better if you were really interested!

29.99! These cute ankle booties by Karolyn by Adi, are so posh I want to order all colors now!

What's you favorite part? Or least favorite? Give me opinions people!



WendyB said...

That bag is GORGEOUS!

Cris Lazoru said...

I like those booties very much.


nilla cookie said...

I love the Steve Madden coat in Charcoal, and the bag! I want it all! :)

Lady N said...

Those booties are so cute and super affordable! You can get them in several different colors!

Anonymous said...

i love the whole entire outfit! i really would looove that bag though!!

Haute Girl said...

i love those coats and boots! and of course, the fendi

coco said...

I like the black coat

ambika said...

Amazing what you can find on that site! The bag is fabulous.

Vintage Bunny said...

I love the booties(I have a pair)
My most fav is the jacket.Its beautiful.I could write poetry about it!!

Elisabeth said...

Great outfit - well chosen!

And as many have already said, that Fendi bag is to die for!