Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quick Give Me Your Five Favorite Fashion Trends!

1. The 'ye old days' look- Chic pearls, wool skirts, and heavy curls. How chic?
2. DuWop Lip Venom- They plump my lips in like three seconds.
3. Color changing eye shadow- From one side it's red, and in the light it's silver!
4. Heavy knits- So comfy yet so horse chic.
5. Telling me your fab five!



Vintage Bunny said...

Yes,yes,yes on the pearls!Though my husband calls me Barbara Bush when I wear pearls !
A herbal alternative to DuWop is cinnamon mixed with water applied to lips!(You know I' m cheap!!)

Lady N said...

I was wondering about DuWop and if it really worked! And pearls - yes! I love my pearl earrings.