Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sunglasses for The Fall Sunlight

My new obsession- Sunglasses.

Look at this Tom Ford style, The Samantha. I love the gold detailing around the rims and lenses. I also really love the criss cross style- The Whitney- but they look a little cheap, and I want my money's worth if I would get them. (It doesn't hurt that Nicole Richie was photographed wearing them.)

Or these cranberry stunners by Betsey Johson- Large Mod. I love the color- Although the glasses don't look like they could match with a lot.

And if you're loving wrap around glasses- This Dior pair is simple and gorgeous enough.

My personal favorite trend this fall- 'the old lady'. Plus if you're into the whole original one of a kind thing- the lense shape can totally pass.

And another Badgley Mischka that I could not reisist putting in! How adorable are those little bows?????

And here for some affordable ones that could pass as the quite expensive ones:

J. Lo seems to be ripping off Tom Ford with these bubble gum pink criss cross sunglasses. ($18.00)

These Jessica Simpson shades resemble the shape and design of Betsey Johnson's pair. ($15.00)

The Dior glasses aren't so unique- But after clicking around for a bit- I found these awesome leopard print no names! (&20.00)

The BM ones are original but I found a knock off at for about ($9.99). I love the cream color!

I couldn't find the pink BM pair- So if you're really in love with them you'll have to splurge. Also a reminder that the prices you find on these glasses can be a little different than the ones I posted.

Instead of making a blog about my favorite blogs I linked them at the side- If I see your blog or your comments and I like what I see, you can count on me linking you.



WendyB said...

They're all nice!

MOLLY GRAY said...

sunglasses are one of my passions...
love them..

lalaliu said...

im loving sunglasses! I wish the weather here would get sunny again because cloudy days and sunglasses just equals me running into poles. lol :D

Vintage Bunny said...

I am so glad i have a fat fac and can carry big sunglasses off!!!
I love your picks,you have a good eye

The Truth said...

Yes I mst agree im so excited vintage sunglasses are back !!