Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Sorry that I haven't updated. I have been so busy and this isn't even my personal computer! If I promised to trade links with you please leave a comment saying so- Since I had left you a note about this.

I had a recent trip to NYC on Sunday to meet Hayden Panettiere, do my nails, and see the famous Christmas tree!

Hayden was overwhelmed- I would be too with fans everywhere and in such a small place! But the debut of her bag had gone well! Gift bags included the D&B lunch bag, a complimentary D&B water bottle and magazine, and of course the Teen Vogue magazine.

Afterwards my friends and I headed to see the Christmas tree, which was soooooo crowded! Limos poured from everywhere and no one was allowed on the streets (I didn't know that everyone included me ;])

Finally when we were near SoHo we ate at Cosi (delicious!) and went to Dashing Diva. The place look wonderful, pink and well lit. The staff was great helping us choose colors and great with prices. But then a day later my nail chipped and cracked my nail- And so I had to take off the rest and now all of nails are ruined. It's great. Maybe it was just the guy I went to, since everyone else LOVED it.

So how was your week of fashion?



Cris Lazoru said...

Oh what a fun trip! And the last post about shoe was the best.


The Redheaded Bandit said...

for me: school, YUCK!!!

for you:just rub it in :) actually i've never been to NYC or Ny at all!

coco said...

The trip sounds so fun
I adore New York city
I think at heart I am a New Yorker

Tinsley said...

fun trip! im not so sure about haydens bag for d&b but the event sounded great!

WendyB said...

Looks like you had good time!

Vintage Bunny said...

My life sucks if I dare compare it to yours !!!
How does Hayden look ?

Lady N said...

How exciting! You have to write more about your trip when you get back. I love Cosi - they have the best flat bread I've ever tasted! mmm-mmm.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

that dashing diva store looks like so much funnn!