Thursday, December 27, 2007

Caution: Confetti Exploded!

Heidi Klum usually doesn't make any fashion faux pas because she really doesn't take any risks. She wears the same earrings and little black dress all the time. So when I saw this photo on I was excited that she'd chosen to wear such a bright color with sequins. The color looks fab- The dress not so hot.

The little squiggles don't look sophisticated, just ugly.

Then there is Fergie. I scrolled down farther hoping for a nice dress to look at after that Heidi disaster- but was dissapointed. This dress is so unflattering on Fergie!

The rest of the stars including: Jessica Alba, Miley Cirus, and others looked fab in their sparkly dresses.
Your opinions?
How do you rock your sequined dress?


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I love this dress on her for once she's not wearing michael kores!!

coco said...

Fergie always looks horrible and Heidi looks terrible, but normally looks stunning!
They need new stylists
I loved the post as I hadn't seen these pics before

Imelda said...

I must say: I really like sequined dresses when I see someone else with them. But when I try one it isn't that nice at all.
I think Fergie looks okay in this dress, I usually don't like how she dresses.

I've added you to my list of favourite blogs!


Drama Chiki said...

UG! Fergie is really showing her age here. She looks old. I know she is alot older than she looks, but still. And I'm kinda glad Heidi took a risk. Unfortunately it ended up horrible, but thats life isnt it?

Elizabeth said...

i think the dress could have been done right, but it just didnt work on heidi!

love your blog. want to trade links?

ashley said...

aiee i agree with you. the dress is so unflattering on heidi!

Sunniva said...

Love the colour of Heidi's dress..but the fit is very unflattering. and if it doesn't work for a supermodel, then what are the chances for us ordinary mortals ?! ;p

Lovely blog <3

Jello on Springs said...

This post made me giggle because I remember seeing Heidi's dress on the gofugyourself blog. They had a picture of the back of the dress...

Anonymous said...

Whoa, although Heidi's dress is not all that attractive, those are pretty awesome colors.

Queen of Preen said...

Heidi looks great, I love the bold print of the dress. Well played.