Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PS&R's Fave Fall Trends

Everyone has preferences, and I, PS&R, have five to be exact. Who doesn't?
1. Sailor style high waisted pants;; the chicness, the nautical aire, who doesn't love these pants? Plus they go with about everything, EVEN peasant tops.
2. Shrugs/Blazers- I have 2 shrugs but more than ten blazers. They're so comfortable, so effortlessly trendy, and awesome if you're cold. Plus every designer has their own signiture alteration so no two cropped beauties can be the same =)
3. MAC makeup- I was strictly a Lancome girl before I realized that MAC is so more free and personalised. I am a proud owner of two brush sets, blush, and black powder liner. And various other lipsticks and glosses.
4. Target! It's gotten more expensive, and better quality induced. Hello high end designers design for Target for like nine bucks!!!!!!
5. Lanvin! How cute have the shoes gotten? They certainly proved Lanvin is not for mothers and grandmothers.



P.S. What are your fab five????


Vintage Bunny said...

Mine is the same too.
High waist pants,there is a cute vintage pair on ebay right now.
Target is on my love list too!!!The people on my side of town dont seem to have good taste so the designers for Target stuff gets marked down very quickly!!!

Lady N said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I'll come back when you have more!
hmmm...my fave five:
patterned tights
anything houndstooth
patent leather shoes :)
Aveda hand lotion
& I love Target too!

WendyB said...

1. Jackets/blazers (luckily I have about 15 years worth of beautiful suits)
2. Giant jewelry, of course
3. Cashmere sweaters from J. Crew altered to be sexy, not baggy
4. A new evening bag in a kind of bronze color
5. Fish feet