Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bright Colors Are Coming to a Big Fat Halt.

Designers are coming up with resort collections that are very sophisticated.

I can totally see myself in one of these items, wispy hair, talking to the man of my dreams. And then cut- the scene is over. How cool would it be to be the star of an old fashioned movie?!

It's raining- the sea's are rolling out of control and all you can think about is bumping into that ahmazing guy.

Do it in this Marc Jacobs satin trench =] !

Innocent? Nah. Looking innocent? Duh. Dior cutiepie dress.

Next Stop: Beach! First take a dip in this pink number by D&G!

Add big chic sunglasses and a flirty clutch and go to the hot spot with your man! Marc Jacobs fun tee dress.

Whats your favorite item above?



Secretista said...

If only I had that "ahmazing" guy ;[. My imaginary one will do; he's better dressed than half the guys I know anyway, haha!

Lady N said...

Ok - I LOVE that trench!

hannah said...

i adore the dress. so chic and jackie o.

i love love your header. do they actually sell trash bags like that?


Miss Woo said...

My favourite must be the little miss Jacobs T, too cute!

coco said...

I like the green trench, its so chic!

Tinsley said...

a big difference from the spring collections - all of it was crazy floral prints :(

i love the marc jacobs coat but id love it in dark dark purple

great blog by the way!
come and join this forum a bunch of us fashion bloggers made!

hope you join!

Anonymous said...

I really like the trench coat. :]

Vintage Bunny said...

That last tee looks like the tees Lalalui designs.And she did it long before Mr jacobs did,I will send her over !!!
I love the dress,its cute

Wendy said...

I like the Dior dress and the D&G top!

Cee-Cee said...

love the first trench and the D&G top..

Imelda said...

I adore the Dior dress!

Tinsley said...

thanks for joining the forum! its great to have you already posting :)

penelope said...

love love the satin trench and cutie dress!! absolutely gorgeous!!

Life's a Wardrobe said...

The beach number by D&G!